4 Hacks To Take Better Care Of Your Clothes

Clothes are considered as a basic necessity. It is now considered a defense layer to protect body from extreme temperature, contaminants, and possible harm. It also serves as a way to express yourself and bring out your personality.

Given the importance of our apparels, a special care should be given to them to prolong their lifespan. Here are some tips on how you can protect your clothes and ensembles:

  1. Provide sufficient storage


Cramming your clothes in small closet can damage the material of your clothing. As much as possible give each apparel a breathing space to prevent damage. There is a chance that the fabric of the materials will rub each other, damaging the delicate ones. If you have a lot of clothes, it would be best to get a bigger closet. Also, try to arrange your clothes according to material and made. Putting together fabrics that are alike would prevent the delicate ones from getting damaged from rough and sturdier ones.


  1. Partner with a laundry service shop

Although you can do your own laundry, it is still best to have a trusted laundry service in Dubai Marina to help you with your laundry problems. Having a reliable wash and fold service can help you do your laundry when you are busy. They can also help you wash and clean delicate outfits that needed special care. They have the best laundry washing machine and the suitable cleaning agents to clean the most delicate outfits – from chiffon blouses to silk ball gowns.

  1. Repair damaged clothes ASAP


Once you see a small cut or tear on your dress, stitch it right away. Letting this sit without getting it repaired would cause further damage the apparel. There is a tendency that the cut or tear would extend and get bigger. Before it reached that point, salvage your dress and get it stitched or repaired. If you don’t have the means to repair them, take them to a tailor ASAP.


  1. Provide special care to delicate materials


If you have outfits made of delicate materials, it would be best to store them in a separate closet where they can get enough space to breath. After wearing them, take them to the dry cleaners for dry cleaner. Be sure to leave proper instructions to the cleaners so they will know how to clean your outfit and what cleaning agents to use.


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