5 Tips To Manage Office Relocation

Change can be viewed in so many ways. For some people, it can be a fresh start. For others, it can be frightening and overwhelming. In case of office relocation, business owners and managers should handle the situation with care.

The key to making the office move a positive prospect is to manage expectations, and if you are planning to do this in the near future, here are some tips from the best moving companies in Dubai that you can follow:

  1. Create a solid plan


The first thing that you need to do in order to make a successful office move is to create a concrete relocation plan that would cover all the basis – from the physical assets to the welfare of your employees. The plan should state the intentions of the relocation and how it will be executed. The moving plan should go beyond the physical move, but also take into consideration the welfare and status of the people involved in the process. In terms of business operations, it should include how to sustain the business while in the process of transfer.


  1. Communicate and align


Once a solid moving plan is drafted, the next thing that you need to do is to communicate this with the people involve, including the employees. Be sure that everyone is notified about the upcoming relocation. If possible, set a general assembly to further explain the plan. It would be easier to communicate it with your employees with general meeting where you can answer their questions and concerns.


  1. Appoint a champion


Change is not an easy thing to accept and it takes time. To ensure that concern of people involved are addressed, appointing a champion to help manage the change would be the best recourse. These champions for change would ensure the positive atmosphere all throughout the relocation process and would also deal with negative feedbacks that come along with the changes and move.


  1. Listen and act


Relocation may not be easy for others. It can be emotionally unsettling. Be sure to hear out their concerns. Most of the time, negative feedbacks arises while on the process of relocation. Try to act on their concern and explain why this move is necessary for the company.


  1. Manage expectations


Once everything is settled in the new location, you still need to ensure that everybody is still up for change. Having a change management post relocation would help you manage expectations and help people settle in their new office location.

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